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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time to Head out

     So I just woke up and in a couple of hours I'm going to be heading out to India. I think I packed enough for the trip. I'm kind of banking on the hope of being able to do laundry somewhere there. If not..then all I'll be hearing will be; "See I told you! If you started packing earlier you would have had time to buy more clothes. Why don't you never listen?" I don't want that happening so please let there be a place I could wash my clothes.
    I'll be gone for three weeks so I'll be back on August 6th with a lot of pictures and videos. You know what sucks though? I can't take a camera into historical places like the Agra temples and Mahal which would have been awesome for my other site. I'm just going to have to visually memorize everything. That's going to be fun. See you guys when I get back!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Finished Packing!

        My parents have been on my case all week to start packing for the trip and there I packed all of it in less than an hour. Sometimes doing things last minute just works  but others not so much. While they were running around, getting stressed out about a trip that's supposed to be unnerving, I'm the only one doing what's supposed to be done. 
        Tell you what though, it's been an expensive week but today was a fun day. My cousins came over to see how the packing was going and were all talking about the trip in my room while I was packing. They started to poke fun at me and started saying, "Dude, I don't think he knows where he's going!" All because I decided to put a couple of jeans, a handful of black shirts, and two dozen socks. By a couple I mean three pairs. By a handful, I mean more than half of my shirts that I brought. Gasp...and by two dozen, I mean two dozen. Supposedly, you don't want to wear black shirts when its hot out and jeans is just out of the question. Socks?! You're going to be wearing flip-flops... They're right, I'm going to be rocking my new Vans! They ended up talking me into just bringing three pairs of socks to the trip but I didn't really want to skimp out on the others because black is my color. I look good in black and I like wearing jeans. 
            Tell you the truth though, I'm not feeling it yet. I'm going to India tomorrow? Ok...NOthing. I'll feel it on the airport though. If it doesn't then, then it won't hit me until I wake up to a rooster crow. That's always good. 


        Don't you hate it when you finish filling in all the good stuff on your profile and then when  you press submit, a webpage pops up saying the site is unresponsive?! Man, I spent a good time thinking about everything I liked, all for nothing. I have this theory about myself. The first time I do something is pretty much the time I do it best. The second time I do it, it's just plain bad. I liked the way everything sounded in my profile, you know it flowed. It fit me well. Now as I'm doing it over again, it's going to fit me half as well as the first one. Hopefully, I could remember what I wrote. That's going to have to wait though, I'm hungry. Time for some pizza. Little fact about me: whenever I eat, I like to watch something. That's a new habit I have now.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Minute Shopping

      It was a crazy spending day. I needed some new clothes for the trip to India, which is happening this Saturday! I'm coming back on Aug. 6th! Gotto tell ya, these stores are so sneaky. I found some t-shirts and beaters on sale for 5 bucks a piece at H&M. Both of the t-shirts were the same, v-neck. The only difference was that one of them was black and the other one was light blue. When I got to the counter, the blue V ended up being 10 and the beaters were 13. The cashier gave me nothing, she just showed me the tag with the price on it and told me that's how much it was. I ended up getting them because I kind of grew into them already. Meeessssed up. I'm still a little ticked that they lied to me. I'm not a name brand guy, what ever fits me well, I like. That's all. Clothes from H&M tend to fit me better so I go there often. I'm trying to save for the trip so that's why I jumped on the $5 dollar clothes, which is now a fail.
       I didn't have good flip-flops to wear plus its like 90 degrees out so I used my dad's old ones. Big mistake! They looked so bad and old. lol My sister couldn't stop looking at them and making fun of me. I didn't mind them at first but after a little while I couldn't stand them, I had to get new ones. I'm happy with these new flip-flops though. They made my day. I got these Van's for $20 and they feel so good.
My job doesn't allow me to sit so my feet have been killing me these last couple of days but the pain went through the window after wearing these. Best investment ever.
I still needed to get jeans so I went to this other store. I picked out these nice jeans, I even tried it out. Legit, the sign said 30. I went to the cashier, it ended up being 50. He told me that select jeans were 30 but this one is 20 dollars more. I went to the sign again and he was right. What was written was 29.99 and in the smallest white letters that they could find they wrote "for select styles." Sneaky Sneaky I ended up buying it because I was running out of time, I already tried it on, and liked it. So much for saving. I like the Vans. I'm just clinging to sanity because of these Vans.

My First Post!

        Wow, this is my first blog entry using blogger! I heard about Blogger the other day from a good friend of mine so I decided to make an account. It was really easy to make. The only hard thing about it was the title. I spent a good two days thinking about what I should name it and you know what? I like what I came up with. The title of the blog has a little bit of me in there. I know it's a small thing and I am probably way over-exaggerating it but I get picky about the small things. I like doing a lot of things but not a lot of them really stick. I'm pretty much the worst Jack of all Trades out there. I wanted to be over 10 different things growing up and I still don't know what I'm supposed to do, but I like to try different things and I keep a very open mind.
          I have another blog that I use exclusively for a hobby of mine, some Dan Brown-like crazy stuff. That blog is about Symbols that interest me and what I think they mean. I take time to research them and try to figure them out. I really like doing this kind of stuff.  I'm in school, so I think by doing this, its as close as I could get to going on a crazy adventure. Man, I wish I could just pack a bag, leave, and experience the world. But responsibilities, responsibilities. If anyone decides to read this, if you are also interested in symbols go to and check it out, be a member and all of that. I think you would be pretty cool if you did that.
         Now what's the point of this blog? I'm pretty much going to use this blog to talk about what goes on in my daily life. Sometimes, I like to write down stuff that happens to me because my life is really strange. Strange people live strange lives. Strange as in Awesome! I make dumb decisions, learn things the hard way, but the good times are as sweet as they come. I come from a normal family and all that but sometimes the things that happen to me seem as if they were cut out of movies. Plus, I feel better letting it all out, maybe someone could relate. Yeah first blog entry! Wooo!