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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Imperative but somewhat Impossible

      One's motivation or drive shouldn't feel this distant; however, I can't move forward anymore without it. Time is of the essence as well. Every time I think of something to propel me forward, I repeatedly come up short. Nothing comes to mind and it stings. To bring forth change and to beat dreadful daily monotony, I need to come up with a force to push me higher than before. This is difficult because nothing ever lasts for me. Great ideas are put into motion to find themselves sequestered within weeks or months. The thrill of starting something new, something foreign, dissolves. I could never finish something that requires continuous work and this simply won't do. Maybe you understand what I am saying, some of you might not.
      I feel as if I'm walking daily with an empty mind moving through life's situations solely through physical acts, like I don't have an inner self. What is it that I want? What goal can be that important to me that I obtain it no matter what? If I get a hold on those answers, the upcoming days could be that much more manageable.

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