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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A need to relax

      It seems that my brain just crashed. I was forcing myself to go on but all that was going on in my head were the following statements: "I hate this. Why is this not finishing? Why is nothing going in my head?" In the middle of it, all I was doing was hating myself and hating the work. It's not easy loving to study but it's my life now. I have to find some way to enjoy it or it's going to eat me alive. Not just me, everyone depending on me. Sometimes it seems as if I'm actively reading something, the information is just transported into an abyss in my head. It feels as if my brain is running on empty. I can't conjure up that information later. Even if I read the same thing over and over again. Maybe its just that I'm stressing myself out a little too much. Hopefully, I'll get more luck in the morning. Probably what I need is a few hours of sleep and a nice hot shower.

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