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Friday, November 18, 2011


      The past couple of days have really put a thought into my mind. A thought in a form of a question. Where would we be without our friends? I have a great couple of friends and sometimes we just sit on a couch just talking or sometimes just doing nothing. I have friends that I could only talk to online. These people are there for me day in and day out, no matter what shape I'm in or what I've done. If there are those of you who think one could tread through life alone, he can't and all he will be in the end is by himself. I love those around me even if I don't show it enough. This post is not because Thanksgiving is around the corner but I just felt like it tonight. We don't really make ourselves. Our identity is made by everyone we hold close to our hearts. We stand out because of those guys. I take them for granted sometimes but there's always a point in our lives when we can't escape that fact. I don't want to run away from it nor am I going to. I'm going to embrace it just as they embrace me.


  1. We define the others, who in turn, define ourselves. Or something like that. I feel you.

  2. I know exactly where we would be without our friends. It is a very dark and lonely place. I have been there, turning my back on everyone and indulging in a self-imposed isolation. We are not so tough without the support of those who love us.