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Monday, February 4, 2013

Bullet to the Head

      I'm a bit under the weather and on an assortment of medications so I'm going to write as clear-headed as I can. My experience with this movie is finely captured with its title, Bullet to the Head. There's nothing special about it other than the fact that Jason Momoa was in it. It may have been a bit harsh but it's truth. I believe people go watch Stallone movies to watch Stallone deal a whole case of death and destruction. That mixed with the ultimate bad-boy attitude sets him apart from the rest. However, in this movie, although it was technically a "Sly" movie, people will be looking and waiting for Momoa to appear. 
      Bullet to the Head is about a set up that costs Jimmy Bobo, played by Stallone, his partner's life and what Stallone, accompanied by a detective, does in response. All I can really say about Stallone in this flick is that he is a beast when it comes to physical fitness but in all honesty, that's what I say about him in any other movie that he plays a role in. The only difference in this movie among other movies he acted in is that in is that in this particular one he manages to take a back seat even when he's the lead protagonist. Who took control you ask? Momoa, the new and improved Balboa. (I only jest, I just wanted to make a point with the similarity in name structure.) As I was jotting down notes during the movie, his name came up five times while Stallone's only came up twice. Why, you ask? He is one of those special actors that could play the perfect villain but in a split second can sell being the perfect hero. You right away start pulling for this guy without knowing you're slowly turning dark side. 
      Another point I want to make is that I personally believe Sung Kang, who plays the role of detective Taylor Kwon, wasn't what this movie needed. His character felt so out of place throughout 90% of the movie. Kang doesn't have the smell of a cop or detective on him and because of it, he had a hard time selling himself for the majority of the movie. I say majority because at one point he did make a comeback. The more I thought about it, the more I understood why such a role would be even used. Complementing Stallone with the by-the-book-out-of-place detective can bring out the ruthless characteristic of Jimmy Bobo all the more but in the end such a character is useless. This is because Stallone took a back seat anyway. So in the end, Stallone's movie turned into Momoa's and the only only scene to watch is the last. Just wait till that scene comes out on Youtube and call it a day. 

This movie gets a JPB ranking of 3.5/10.

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