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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Possession

       Directed by Ole Bornedal, The Possession came out to theaters in August 2012. I'm surprised that it took me this long to finally watch this horror movie. I'm not into this genre of movies but I have been trying to be a little open minded. If I don't become more forgiving in the movies I choose to watch, I won't be able to watch any of them. Once it came out, I started searching fervently to watch the bootleg copy of this movie; however, being a little picky with how to view the flick, I chose to wait. After a little while, the idea was erased completely from memory. Roughly about five months later, I stumbled upon it when perusing the movie racks in the trusty ol' public library and wouldn't leave without it.
        The Possession is about the experience of a broken family with a box that holds a "Dybbuk", a trapped malicious demon that feeds on pure children souls. To be honest, at the end of this flick, I hoped that Sam and Dean Winchester would make an appearance and help to send the accursed fiend to the underworld. I say this because Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the humble role as the father who seeks to remove the spirit from his daughter after it latches on to her. Morgan also is the father of Sam and Dean Winchester in the TV series Supernatural of which I am a fan. I have to say, if you are having trouble casting a father in any horror, you can't go wrong with Morgan. Morgan carried almost 65-70% of this movie with his fatherly aura alone.
       The other 30-35% of this movie was carried by Natasha Calis who played the captive of the demon. The casting director(s) did two things right, Morgan and Calis. That's about it. Why they would put Kyra Sedgwick in here at all is beyond me. I think a better pick would be Kate Beckinsale but we can't always get what we want. Going back to Calis, I firmly believe that she was the perfect victim for this situation simply because I would unleash hell if I saw that she was hurt and I barely even know her as a person. She has the most innocent face that would have made anyone who looked upon it feel either very uncomfortable or furious that she had to be the victim of such demonic cruelty. In conclusion, it is a solid stay at home Friday night movie candidate and no, I wouldn't blame you if you went to watch it in theaters.  

This movie gets a JPB rating of 6.5/10.

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