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Friday, February 1, 2013


      Maybe it wasn't fair to watch this movie within days of watching Silver Linings Playbook. However, something in me tells me that it didn't really matter. I went in with the full intention of leaving with a extra tank of testosterone. You know what I'm trying to say. If one goes to a Jason Statham movie, he does not leave with just a gallon or two, he is fully saturated and then some. Not only is Statham headlining the movie but who's there to back him up other than Jennifer Lopez. That name itself is all that's needed for most people to start drooling. I know, I know. She may be past her prime and it might have shown in the movie, but don't you dare say it.
       Directed by Taylor Hackford, Parker, is a flick depicting how far one man would go for the sake of principles and his own honor. Parker is played by none other than Jason Statham, who is the go to person for this kind of role. How the movie turned out to be a C+ to a B viewing, I believe, was not his fault. If I was going to make a kick ass movie about revenge, thievery, and money, who else would I think of to play the part than The Transporter? No, it wasn't his fault. He carried the movie like he always does but there wasn't much he could do for the movie other than what his lines and his physicality.
      First, the villains in this movie were poorly chosen. You can't have Michael Chiklis play the role of the lead antagonist, it won't work. He has the aura of a good guy all about himself and quite frankly he's not quite there yet. I may be a little cruel in saying that and trust me I don't feel that good saying it. I'm glad that as an actor he got the role but he could be making a much better movie with what's going for him. He took a risk in taking up this role and I think it didn't quite work in his favor.
      Secondly, I want to go watch a movie in which the actors and actresses actually say their lines out loud and not have them prerecorded and then played back while they lip-sync. It's a jab in the ribs for those people who spend 10-12 dollars to watch a movie. If one has to make a movie with little to no character development and laughable animations, please if nothing else, have the actors actually say their lines. We are in the 21'st century. We have the capabilities of making movies like Avatar and Transformers look convincingly real. So please, use existing knowledge to your benefit. This review is a bit harsh ain't it.
      It wasn't 100% trash. I still left with something. Something I always leave with after watching Statham in action. A feeling of desire to move ahead of other people, to be smarter, and to be a foot in front of the crowds surrounding me. Sigh, at the very least they got the lead role right.

This movie gets a JPB rating of 3.5/10. 

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