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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Warm Bodies

      After participating in two disappointments, watching Warm Bodies, directed by Jonathon Levine, was a push in the right direction. Let's start at the beginning. This movie genre is not really my cup of tea since the whole zombie apocalypse/ contagion theme has been used time and time again. You can say I am a bit desensitized. After watching its trailer though, I was forced to do a double take and think about the premise of the movie again. (IMP: The trailer gives a lot of the movie away. I watched the movie some time afterwards so that I don't really remember what I saw.)
      Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult play the parts of Julie and R, respectively, in a time when zombies roam the world. R is a young zombie who encounters Julie while she and a group of friends are on a mission to look for pharmaceutical products that can aid the survival of a local human population. R and his group of zombies attack her group; however, he decides to save Julie because he is captivated by her. This movie goes on to depict their curious yet grave relationship and a possible cure for their current calamity. You will still have your share of blood, brains, and gun fire but fortunately not the same plot line.
       Levine, who handled the screenplay as well as the directing, introduces the viewer to a new way of thinking about zombies by allowing them the option of being good or evil. If they take on the good path, they might just find themselves tapping into a potential cure; however, if they go the opposite direction, they turn into "bonies" or in other words devil's nasty henchmen. I don't think I ever saw a zombie movie in which zombies have consciences.
      That aside. Let's talk about the acting. It worked. The acting seemed to be more than adequate for this movie. It was not too showy to divert the eyes and it kept you interested but you will just have to take some scenes with a grain of salt. Hoult and Palmer shared great chemistry and Rob Corddry, who played the part M, was a good supporting actor. On the other hand, I always considered John Malkovich to be a bit annoying so if being a dick is what his role required then great, I'll play along. Overall it was a decent flick with some originality.

     This movie gets a JPB ranking of 6.5/10.

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