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Friday, July 15, 2011


        Don't you hate it when you finish filling in all the good stuff on your profile and then when  you press submit, a webpage pops up saying the site is unresponsive?! Man, I spent a good time thinking about everything I liked, all for nothing. I have this theory about myself. The first time I do something is pretty much the time I do it best. The second time I do it, it's just plain bad. I liked the way everything sounded in my profile, you know it flowed. It fit me well. Now as I'm doing it over again, it's going to fit me half as well as the first one. Hopefully, I could remember what I wrote. That's going to have to wait though, I'm hungry. Time for some pizza. Little fact about me: whenever I eat, I like to watch something. That's a new habit I have now.

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