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Friday, July 15, 2011

Finished Packing!

        My parents have been on my case all week to start packing for the trip and there I packed all of it in less than an hour. Sometimes doing things last minute just works  but others not so much. While they were running around, getting stressed out about a trip that's supposed to be unnerving, I'm the only one doing what's supposed to be done. 
        Tell you what though, it's been an expensive week but today was a fun day. My cousins came over to see how the packing was going and were all talking about the trip in my room while I was packing. They started to poke fun at me and started saying, "Dude, I don't think he knows where he's going!" All because I decided to put a couple of jeans, a handful of black shirts, and two dozen socks. By a couple I mean three pairs. By a handful, I mean more than half of my shirts that I brought. Gasp...and by two dozen, I mean two dozen. Supposedly, you don't want to wear black shirts when its hot out and jeans is just out of the question. Socks?! You're going to be wearing flip-flops... They're right, I'm going to be rocking my new Vans! They ended up talking me into just bringing three pairs of socks to the trip but I didn't really want to skimp out on the others because black is my color. I look good in black and I like wearing jeans. 
            Tell you the truth though, I'm not feeling it yet. I'm going to India tomorrow? Ok...NOthing. I'll feel it on the airport though. If it doesn't then, then it won't hit me until I wake up to a rooster crow. That's always good. 

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