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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My First Post!

        Wow, this is my first blog entry using blogger! I heard about Blogger the other day from a good friend of mine so I decided to make an account. It was really easy to make. The only hard thing about it was the title. I spent a good two days thinking about what I should name it and you know what? I like what I came up with. The title of the blog has a little bit of me in there. I know it's a small thing and I am probably way over-exaggerating it but I get picky about the small things. I like doing a lot of things but not a lot of them really stick. I'm pretty much the worst Jack of all Trades out there. I wanted to be over 10 different things growing up and I still don't know what I'm supposed to do, but I like to try different things and I keep a very open mind.
          I have another blog that I use exclusively for a hobby of mine, some Dan Brown-like crazy stuff. That blog is about Symbols that interest me and what I think they mean. I take time to research them and try to figure them out. I really like doing this kind of stuff.  I'm in school, so I think by doing this, its as close as I could get to going on a crazy adventure. Man, I wish I could just pack a bag, leave, and experience the world. But responsibilities, responsibilities. If anyone decides to read this, if you are also interested in symbols go to and check it out, be a member and all of that. I think you would be pretty cool if you did that.
         Now what's the point of this blog? I'm pretty much going to use this blog to talk about what goes on in my daily life. Sometimes, I like to write down stuff that happens to me because my life is really strange. Strange people live strange lives. Strange as in Awesome! I make dumb decisions, learn things the hard way, but the good times are as sweet as they come. I come from a normal family and all that but sometimes the things that happen to me seem as if they were cut out of movies. Plus, I feel better letting it all out, maybe someone could relate. Yeah first blog entry! Wooo!

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