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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Past few days

       The past couple of days have been somewhat eventful. My quest for a second job is still underway. To be totally honest, I thought that I would have had that job by now, yet here I am. I applied to a local credit union to be a customer associate/teller, which is one of many teller positions I applied for a couple of weeks ago. It was the only one that promptly gave me a call back for an interview. I had the interview yesterday morning with the Director of Retail Services and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. If you asked me how it went, it wouldn't be an easy question for me to answer confidently. It could have resulted in two ways. Either they thought I was an excellent selection for the job (although not quite qualified as the rest of them) or that I'm just plain old under-qualified. Deep in my heart I think that I didn't get this job.
       My cousin has this magic 8 ball in his house that I have been shaking quite a number of times asking it if I had gotten the job and all it comes up with is, "Can't say at this time." Sure, I went to that interview in a suit that  metaphorically had the word "dashing" exquisitely written in Vivaldi font all over it but I have this weird feeling in my gut. If I was asked to sell something to those interviewers, I could have done it with my allure alone. Black on black on black with a fine stroke of red perfection. However, they didn't ask me to sell them anything. Too gaudy? Fine, I give. I just want to get my foot into the financial world. My dad's career is in finance, maybe I'll find some clue as to what I'm supposed to do with my life there.

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  1. Don't be so down on yourself. You never know just how well it went. Some people have a good poker face and won't let you know at an interview that you're killing it.

    So, it's been a few days. Any word yet?