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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Strange times

       In the past couple of days I've found myself just searching for guidance. I don't know where to go from here. I've never been so confused in my life. According to the counselors at school, any which way I go, I would have to spend another 2 years of my life there to finish a degree which is just way too long for just some degree.
       I've been driving a lot lately and then some because either I wanted someone on the radio to just say something to set a spark in me or because I just didn't want to stop driving. The way out isn't revealing itself to me.
       Even when I'm in the pits right now, I'm still somehow pulling off more mistakes. Every time I look in my emails, there are just more and more job rejections. I don't know if you will understand this next part but I'll say it anyway. There's a battle going on inside me. There's that good voice that tells me what I'm doing is wrong and it will only lead to worse things further on in my path and then there's that voice of ignorance that tells me to do it and deal with the consequences. As you can see that voice of ignorance is dominating in my life. I really don't think voices on the radio or 100 more miles will help me choose the right voice.

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  1. In TV shows and movies, the radio always seems to solve everything. They turn it on right at the moment that the DJ gives the obvious answer. Unfortunately, that might not happen for you. Just give it time. It'll come.