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Saturday, October 1, 2011


      Don't ask me why I decided to watch this one. I'm pretty sure I predicted that this movie was going to be a flop. You'll follow my thought process if you watch the trailer to "Abduction". Frankly, I don't even know why they decided to call this movie "Abduction". It had NOTHING to do with an abduction! No one was even kidnapped through the duration of the movie, there weren't any failed attempts. Wait, maybe I'm just getting this wrong. I am a bit vocabulary deficient so let me check the dictionary..."The illegal removal of a child from his or her guardians" or "to carry off by force". There is only one possible way of making that title work for the movie but even that idea is up for questioning. Usually the title of the movie is the constant, you can't have people questioning your title! Fine, I'll lighten up. It's not like the movie was made to grab my attention. They made sure of that when they decided to have Taylor Lautner portray the main character.
      I'm only writing this entry because I wanted to follow up on my prediction and see if I was correct or not. It wasn't much of a feat anyway but I also wanted to do it for those who were curious about this movie. Maybe you want to know how Lautner acts in roles outside of his normal muscle bound wolf-self?
      Lautner plays the role of a "badass" adrenaline junkie highschool teenager who has trouble coming to terms with himself. He knows he's different from the rest of the crowd but not anything more than that. After learning that his "parents" are not who they say they are, he is placed smack dab in the middle of a Russian Operative war against the CIA. So through these experiences, he starts to piece together untold past and his origins. Honestly, I didn't hate the movie. There were some aspects of the movie I did like. For example, his guardians were amazing. I want to work out like that with my dad but... no dice. The soundtrack to the movie wasn't half bad, I actually enjoyed the well orchestrated background music. The screenplay was 99% folly but that 1% was used very well to tease my curiosity. They didn't "reveal" Lautner's real father till the very end. Truth be told, I wanted the father to be Mr. Vin Diesel so badly! No, I'm not going to tell you who the father really is. I mean they don't even clearly show him, but it's pretty unmistakable.
      What else... oh yes! Dr. Octopus also played a role as a CIA agent. Doctor Octopus as in Alfred Molina. I have a knack for calling people by their previous cinematic role names. I think he's a brilliant actor and it's tough to call him out on anything because he just has that aura about him. This movie needed him, if he wasn't in there with Sigourney Weaver, ah this movie would have had an even worse rating. What was it? 3.6/10 the last time I checked. So let's get down to it shall we? Will I watch this again? The only way this movie will be in my line of vision again will be if I'm to entertain my future niece and that, if she wants to really badly.

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