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Saturday, October 1, 2011


      When you got nothing better to do with your time and your body is as sore as Brett Favre in a 49ers game, what's better than a good old fashioned movie in bed? Yesterday, I did an upper body workout fit for MMA and UFC contenders. Now, my arms barely want to move and I haven't stepped out of bed all day. That is, not counting bathroom visits and the three or seven times I went into the kitchen to devour the first thing that popped into my line of sight.
      Before the review, let me bring you guys into my head for one moment. Let me know if you ever felt the same way. Every time I'm stressed out about an exam I just took, when I physically do something bad before the distribution of the grades, I think I'm going to end up failing the test. This is because I think God just doesn't believe I deserve  it. Did I lose you? Let me put it in another way. Let's just say, you think you did pretty badly on an exam, and you pray to God Almighty for a good grade and then you smoke. After you do that, you feel guilty and feel as if God's not going to listen to you anymore. That's the way I'm feeling but, in my situation, switch sheesh with laziness. Now that that's out, let's get into one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.
      Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Gwyneth Paltrow all star in Steven Soderbergh's 2011 production of "Contagion". It may have been due to the bias that previously exposed to me by my friends, who already watched this film, but I started off with my mind half open to what this movie had to offer. The movie tells it's viewers of man's will to survive, the compassion of few that greatly affects many, all through the use of a meatless screenplay. "Yo! What you mean, meatless?" Well, you see, seventy five percent of this movie consisted of the viewer looking on at mere pictures and listening to the background music. Which to me is absolutely fine when the music is attractive and the movie interesting. But in this case, it wasn't.
      I believe, I've seen this movie already, multiple times, except the difference is that I actually enjoyed those times. Who here hasn't seen an "infection that kills off half the world" movie? The Mist? I am Legend? Quarantine? Anyone? There was only one part of this movie caught my attention and that was the scene when the doctors talked about the chemical structure of the deadly pathogen that was spreading like a cute kitten video on youtube. There's the effect of hours and hours of non-stop studying of pathogenic infections and toxic reactions for you.
      It's good to see that actors from television shows are finding their way to the big screen. Bryan Cranston, "Malcolm and The Middle", and Enrico Colantoni, "Just Shoot Me", are both participants. About what they brought to the table, I don't think I'm buying it too much. Contagion is a somewhat serious movie and both these actors come from somewhat comical backgrounds. Not to say that they are jokes in their field but they have a particular genre that suits them. So when they partake in movies like these, they have to be liable to criticism. The only difference I saw from Cranston was his undeniable facial cringe that he kept constantly through the movie. Oh yeah, that and the fact that he didn't laugh. Not to seem, a bit over the top, but if their roles were given to two other individuals, the movie would have been slightly better. So, would I watch this movie again. You guessed correctly, if you said no. If I was going to recommend this movie to anyone, I'd suggest it to those who just want to keep a movie playing while playing games on their Ipod. Lol. That's what I did.

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