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Monday, October 10, 2011

I Just Remembered

      In all the mess that was happening the past week, I forgot to let you guys in on something. Guess to came to visit? MJ's brother kitten. I don't know the name of the little one... Was it Bucky? I may have told you guys, but when all this cat business started, my friends playfully called me "heartless" for not taking M.J's brother in as well. "You just can't separate family" they said. My reasoning was the following: 1) We don't have enough money to raise one cat properly, let alone two. 2) We don't even know if the landowner upstairs will allow cats. 3) They're going to make too much noise. 4) Did I mention the money aspect? Do you how much vaccinations and neutering costs?
      A couple of days later, this just happened to be a topic of discussion a couple of minutes before Recitation class. I confided in one of my good friends about the kitten and she was ecstatic. Fact is, she wanted a kitten too to surprise her parents with. (That didn't turn out so well.) So, we gave her a couple of days to think it over until she was ready to give us an answer. She called and said that she is seriously considering taking the brother kitten in. We then told the owner about her interest and presto! A new home for the kitty. But this is all supplementary information. This is not what I really want to talk about.
      What I really want to talk about is M.J.'s interaction with her long lost brother...Bucky? We all thought that they were going to roll around together, touch noses, and make up for lost time but we were gravely mistaken. M.J. is just one nasty kitten. She did something that I never saw her do, hiss. She actually hissed at her brother. Who taught her to do that? Who did it? Let me at him. It's either that or we have to change the way we engage with her. I think throwing her in 720's has to stop, maybe that'll help things out a bit. Don't quote me on that. It never happened. Ever. So there it is. Now, I'm going to get some rest before my 7:30am laboratory tomorrow, a full three hours worth of it.

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