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Friday, October 21, 2011


      I know, I haven't been writing for the last couple of days. Life's roller-coaster has been forcing me into sharp turns and loops. I just haven't been myself. I have some good news and some bad news. Which first? Let's go with the bad news. I recently took a Drug and Disease Midterm on Infectious Diseases, which I had been studying for two weeks straight. I felt confident through the test and yes,  there were some parts which were a bit cryptic, but overall, I thought I did ok. Turns out I didn't. It was a major flop. It's not that I didn't learn the material, it's just a factor of choosing A and B instead of just A. I still haven't got my grade back but I am anticipating a very low grade.
      The good news. You remember a couple of posts ago when I told you guys that I most likely failed my first Drug and Disease section? I passed it. I passed it by an inch but I did it. I actually found out after taking the recent midterm which made me feel that much better. Well, I have to go back to study. I'm changing up the way I'm studying now by studying everyday. There is no way that I won't dominate this next test! But what's really on my mind is the Compounding midterm that is going to take place this Friday. Guess how many chapters are going be on it? 23. I'm just going to end with that.


  1. 23 chapters? Isn't that a whole book?

    Also, congrats on passing the test. I passed my last drug test, too. *ba dum BUM*

  2. Congrats, man! Keep up the good work.