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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time for a new sountrack

      For a while, I have been in this weird transition state between music phases. I moved out of the foreign cultural music genre and for a month or two just casually listened to what was out there, hoping that something would catch my attention. No luck. Just artist after artist. Truthfully, I have been listening to a lot of relaxing piano music and Jason Mraz. Piano music, for the reason that it calms me and puts me into a certain mood that I need for positive thinking and creative writing. Jason Mraz, because I believe that his music is colorful and has a inexplicable smoothness about it. But, it's about that time to move on to something more concrete. This time it going to be Alternative Pop.
      I have already deleted all the songs I downloaded in the past couple of months and look at my iTunes, it's as clean as a whistle. Whether or not that was a good idea, I think by doing this, I am forcing myself to open my mind to new artists and songs that you are not likely to listen to on the radio.
I am in the process of downloading the complete discography of the following artists:
Mat Kearney
Matt Werst
Matt Nathanson
(Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt)
Jon Mclaughlin
Josh Kelley
Greg Laswell
Graham Colton
      Yes, I said complete discography. So, what will I do with all those CDs in the car? That's a good question. I Dunno. I'll probably buy a CD binder to organize them in and leave it in the dashboard just in case a curious someone wants to rummage through. Lol. Yeah, I still use CDs. Sometimes my friends make fun of me because I still use CDs instead of the iPod I own. I don't know what it is but I like the idea of owning the original discs. A good deal of money (perspective of a college student) was spent on buying them even though I knew all about torrents and free internet downloads. As you can see, I am a bit old school. Nevertheless, I am legitimately excited and can't wait to make these CDs to musically resonate the car with new tunes.

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  1. I'm with you about CD's. It amazes me that no ones wants to own a hard copy of anything anymore. Am I the only one that watches Sci-Fi movies and TV shows? Digital music--digital *everything*--could easily be wiped out one day. And then where would we be? Okay maybe I'm a little paranoid. But without CD's and DVD's and books my room/car would be pretty frickin' empty.