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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flaw #457

      Having more than four hundred problems is normal right? Who dare deny it? You or is it you? Lol. Let me clue you guys in on yet another one of my personal flaws that I wish could evaporate into thin air: Giving directions and anything that has to do with getting from place A to B.
      Guys, you have no idea how many times my friends got angry with me because I'm just downright retarded when it comes to driving people to recently visited area as well as new ones. For example, last semester I spent every Monday working in a store about twenty minutes or so from my previous apartment. When my friends wanted to go eat at a diner that was in proximity to the store, I got us lost. It's the stress I tell you, the stress! Next example. I drop my one of my friends off in front of his house pretty much every other day and even then I sometimes miss the stop and end up having to take him back the long way around. Actually, just the other day, we went to go to Modell's to get him a sports accessory. What do you think ended up happening? I got us MIA, big time. We found ourselves in a whole different city this time around. In the end, we did come across a Modell's, unfortunately, that store didn't sell the product he desired. So we got it at wasn't at Modell's but a Radioshack.
      My ex-girlfriend openly hated this flaw. One time, she said that she was hungry and asked me where to go. I don't know the city very well but I did come across a couple of restaurants and diners surfing the web. I gave her the name of a place that had good reviews but I guess I wasn't clear enough on the directions. She ended up sending back a heated reply about not knowing where to go and that she couldn't find that particular Bistro anywhere. As a result, she ended up asking a pedestrian for directions. Right on! Good decision. Thank the Good Lord for the creation of the GPS. Without it, I probably would end up two states away when I only wanted to get to the local Dunkin Donuts.

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  1. I swear by my GPS. Just having it makes me look so much smarter, having not gotten lost in over a year. Without it, I regret to say that I'm as directionally retarded as you are.