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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Her Name is M.J.

     Ok. Ok. I'm allowed one mistake. I took my dear time to finally realize that the little kitten was actually a female "in disguise". She had me fooled. I'm not about to make up a dozen excuses why I thought the malnourished one was a male. I'm just going to own up to my mishap there and just leave it at that. I'm not about to tell you that it was all the previous owners fault! He should have done a better job delineating the gender to me. Look at me being a complete and major asswipe. I love you Chris but you should have fed it more than once in two days!
      We needed to name her right away. I want her to learn her name as fast as possible, which from what I heard, is pretty difficult. So, I had to make lower my impregnable standard and choose the name my roommate wanted, M.J. Being the goof-ball he is, he wanted to name the kitten after Micheal Jackson thinking it would be funny. Not to knock the late "King of Pop", I just didn't feel comfortable to name the four month old after him. I don't know, maybe it was because...the kitten is a female! I'd rather name her Mia. What a standard right? Later on that night, my good friend and I were driving to the gym for a late night workout and I pulled up the topic.
      Supposedly, he liked the name M.J. as well. So after thoughtful deliberation, I agreed on the name, but on one condition. MJ is to stand for Mary Jane. I'm certainly not in love with the Spiderman series but someone had to come half-way for this little devil to have an identity. After being forced to type in the name Mary Jane on the Google search-engine by my roommate, I then realized that Mary Jane is another name for the chemical Cannabis Sativa. In layman's terms, it's some Bambalacha y'all! I'm of a pure soul so it's only natural that I'm totally oblivious to these things.(Audience laughs here. God laughs even more.) Without further ado, we now introduce to you our cross-gendered, racially confused, pot smoker.



  1. What an adorable little kitty! I wouldn't be thrilled with MJ either (am the only person in the world that couldn't stand Michael Jordan?) but you put a positive spin on *her* name, so that's good.

    Yeah...Mary Jane...guess you never saw "Half-Baked" huh? lol. Do yourself a favor. Rent that flick, watch it with your new baby kitty, and call up Mr. Nice Guy. You can thank me later :)

  2. Thanks Insomniac #4! She an amazing little kitten. A little thin for her age but I'm going to fix that tonight!
    No, I haven't seen that one. I'll definitely do just that let you in on what he tells me. Lol, I'll tell you what I thought about the movie.

  3. Actually, the kitten ended up being a male. Found out when we had to get it neutered.