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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How Far Will I Go For Friends?

      What would I do for the ones close to me? You can't comprehend the number of times this question has popped up in my head and all the answers that I've come up with. Ideas of self-sacrifice have fiddled in my mind, pretty dark huh? Ever encountered that one guy with the superman complex that just wants to save everybody. You're reading one of his posts and I know it sounds ridiculous but it is what it is. Weird? We are talking about the intangible depths of my mind here, so if this didn't come up as somewhat of a surprise to you then you are on hell of a job reading me.
      I'll tell you guys of a e story that most of my friends already are privy to. I'm hoping that it'll help you guys gauge a part of my personality. In my freshman year of college, I made the choice of walking for miles to find one specific bag of Potato Chips.  Why should a guy, who is supposed to be working hard to retain a 4.0 GPA, go out of his way to walk for a good three hours to find chips? In what world would that be logical?
      I had a friend, let's just give her the name Amy, who made a mistake. She assumed that the bag unopened chips in the dorm room, which was bought by her roommate by the way, was up for grabs. After taking a couple of chips, her roommate came in and made a fuss about how Amy shouldn't use things that isn't hers or at least ask before using them. After I came to know about this, I put it upon myself to save the situation by purchasing the same bag of chips for Amy to give to the roommate to appease her error. So the next three hours were dedicated to hunt for a large bag "Lays Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips".
      These chips are fairly popular, don't you think? I thought it would be quite the simple operation. (Shaking my head.) No No, I was wrong. I found small bags of these chips but the large ones weren't being sold anywhere. I know because there isn't a store I didn't strip search. After tiring myself out, I opted for "UTZ" version and thought to myself, "If she doesn't accept this, she has got to be the biggest biotch of all time. Who doesn't like "UTZ" Sour Cream and Onion?" To conclude this boring-ass of an anecdote, I don't know whether or not she actually gave them to her roommate. She might have just eaten it.
      When my friends are in a bad place, I try to help the situation. Sometimes, I just do whatever comes first to my head. They might not seem like much but I do enjoy doing it and seeing them smile because of it. When I see that they are entertained, I feel as if I am doing something right. So how far will I go for those close to me? If I was a car, with a full tank, I would drive till every last bit of gasoline has been used. It doesn't even matter about the lack of moola in the bank account or the increasing price of gasoline. Without our friends, who the fuck are we?


  1. Isn't that the way the world works? It's like some kind of humorous, cosmic test. Go out and find Lays Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, you know, the chips you see in every single store you've ever been to. And now that you're out... no store magically has them. "So, how good of a friend are you?" says the world.

    I'd probably do the same thing. But I'd buy a bag for myself while I'm at it. Can't be walking all that way on an empty stomach.