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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Can't a guy sleep?

      I had a long week. Hell, I bet we all had one because of this damn Hurricane. Work this week was ten times crazier than it has ever been. All our patients thought that this hurricane was going to cause the end of the world as we know it. They must have thought among themselves; "Why don't we all just go in the store at one time to get what we need and all be a pain in the ass while doing it. It may be our last time doing it." Why didn't all one thousand of you come inside together with axes and pitchforks? That would have been better and more effective. I gave a major portion of my life this week to my job. When I come home from one of these days, I think of sleep and a peaceful time doing whatever it is I think of at the time. Remember, this week is my last week of "vacation" before school starts. I shouldn't have someone yelling at me, I've had ten hours of that already.
      Yet, that is what happens. Let's take a prime example of an experience I had close to midnight yesterday. While I was laying in bed quietly reading The Second Messiah, my dad came barging into the room, asking me what I was doing up. I guess seeing me reading wasn't enough but he wanted to hear it from my mouth for him to understand what was going on. He then comes in and asks if I was studying from class material. He looks one look at the cover and says the name of the book in question form, "The Second Messiah?" I just wanted him to leave me to my reading. He then made a quick reference to my below average grades in school and advised me to be careful. Thank you, I appreciate your input.
      This happened, yet another time, just a couple of minutes ago. I had just come back from another eight hours of work and because I didn't sleep well last night, I felt like dosing off for a little while. My dad started calling my name enough times that I could hear him calling in my dreams which woke me up. He asks me whether or not he heard me and what it was that I was doing. After telling him that I feel asleep, he made me repeat the words "I feel asleep" a good five times before he understood what I was saying. He then sees the book, which I was reading the night before, laying open before me and starts getting mouthy at me. "Why are you reading this book? Your main purpose right now is to complete this program and graduate from school. If you put just 25% of the effort you put into reading religious books like "Messiah" into school, you would have no problems getting good grades. I feel like I'm wasting my time trying to give you advice." Thanks, I really needed that pep talk; it couldn't have come a better time.
      My dad looks out for me and that's all he was trying to do. But its coming to the point that I can't read something or go online without making them think that I don't care about school anymore. Of course I care about school. Why else would I even want to stay in this six year program? All I wanted for him to do during that drawn out rant is to leave the room and leave me alone. I'll figure it out. But right now, this is the last thing I want to think about. As we speak, Kristen Kreuk is fading from that dream I was having and I need to get back to it as fast as humanly possible.


  1. Staying in my room and reading is probably why I had to take statistics three times in college.

  2. Well it looks like I beat you. I had to take it twice.