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Thursday, August 25, 2011

One of Those Days

      I'm exhausted. I know it's almost two in the morning and I should be sound asleep by now. I have work in the morning so it's only beneficial for me to get in some good REM sleep in there but, frankly, I don't want to. Actually, my eyelids are aching to close. It feels like there are ten pound kettle-bells weighing themselves on each of them. Just, imagine how big my head has to be for that to be true. The point is that I didn't do one thing for myself today so this entry will be my well needed compensation.
      Today was my day off. Emphasis on the word "was". So, technically, it should have been a time for me to kick back, keep the feet up, find some new music,  and do things I actually enjoy. But I have a sad tendency to make it hard for myself. Since one of my coworkers called out yesterday on short notice, I volunteered to take over her hours to make the boss's life easier. It was a short shift from five to nine, no biggie, right? Not when you take it out of context. Let's talk what I did on my day off before I had to step into work.
      Every year, for my continuing education, I have to have a complete physical and a thorough testing of my blood-work. My medical records expire in a year and without these updated records, I will not be placed in specific classes and will have to be forced to take them in a later period. If this happens to me then I would be liable to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket. The doctor's office called my cell phone and left a message on the voice-mail stating that that appointment will take place on August 25th at precisely 8:15am. Let me clue you in about my cell phone situation. I barely use the cell phone so I don't really care when the batteries are dead. So the night before I checked my messages and, lo and behold, I was reminded that I have a early morning appointment. I had somewhat forgotten. After getting a whopping five hours of sleep, I headed towards the clinic completely unaware that I left my wallet on top of the counter. Driving without a license! I'm living my life on the edge.
      After the exams, I was required to obtain a chest X-ray which took me on a frantic search to an Imaging Center through unforgiving construction sites and pot-hole infested roads. Afterwards, I went straight back home to take my mother to her doctor's appointment. What can I say? We're a sick lot. It took two hours for my mom to see the physician and come back but, again, no biggie. I came prepared. The Second Messiah accompanied me throughout this arduous journey. But, I wasn't ready for what was about to happen next. My mother commanded me to take my sister to the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain her junior permit. Unlike everyone else, my experiences with the D.M.V. were nice and short. I only had good memories about this now dreadful place. While waiting for more than three hours for my sister these memories started to boil away into vapor. Supposedly, she finished early but the person grading the exams took an hour to review the exam. Seriously? It's only 20 questions. By the time she opened the testing room's door it was 4:50 in the afternoon and I had already called in late to work. I immediately floored the Civic at seventy five miles an hour back to our state of residence to change and head to work till closing. What a role model, right? My sister kept stating that it was not a good idea for the State of New York to allow me a licence.
      On a better note, I ended up reading a total of twenty six chapters of the The Second Messiah and I'll let you in on this much. This book does not show your imagination mercy. I feel as if I was right down there with the characters helping them unlock unearthly mysteries and finding ancient artifacts that could change the fate of human existence and belief. Sometimes, I wish that is what I did for a living. Tomorrow seems a bit bleak since the talk of Hurricane Irene passing through the area, on the weekend, has everyone on their toes. Hopefully, I don't get hit by a tree on my way to work. That wouldn't be pleasant.

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