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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New addition!

      I've been fine tuning the site the last couple of days and I came up with an idea. Nothing too crazy... actually not even remotely crazy. I added something that probably won't do anything for the site but I thought it would be nice. I love to read books especially those that are part of a series. The fact is, I don't like good novels to have endings. So, as a result, I'm adding a "My Book List" column so that you guys can see the books that I am sticking my nose in. Picture that for a second. I'm doing this for several reasons. One. I could keep track of the books that I have read. Two. Maybe, you'll be interested in one of the books and end up reading one of them. Then all the credit will go to me. Three. I'll get to talk about the book if I come across something interesting. And Four. It's been a while since I read a book. So, I'm going to stick with it.
      The Second Messiah, written by Glenn Meade, is going to kick start this whole thing. I went to the library today for the first time in months to grab a couple of books off its overflowing shelves. You might ask why it has been months since I went to the library? Well, I owe them money and I was over the fine limit. This means that I can't take out books without paying it off which was about seven dollars! Do you know how many days it would take to accumulate seven dollars in fines? Anyway, let's talk about the book.
       I was skimming through the titles of new novels and after one good look at this book's title it was a no brainer. I knew, right away, that this book had to do with adventure and people looking for some deep dark secret that other people doesn't want to let out. Not really, but I knew that this was a good choice because it fit my requirements well. The main characters have to be unlocking a heinous conspiracy. There must be life threatening chases in every three pages. Finally, the book has to be one that I could finish in a matter of a week. I have a good feeling about this book.
       On another note, I just saw a trailer today for "Fright Night" and I have to say, I'm excited. As an added bonus, the main character in the movie is played by Anton Yelchin. I thought he was great in "The Beaver" and I'm curious as to what he brought to the table this time. Honestly, I'm going to leave the reading for tomorrow night and watch it now.

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